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High Quality Interior and Exterior Painting


Interior Painting

We do all aspects of interior painting like windows, doors, trim, ceilings, water damage, drywall repair, wallpaper removal, stain and polyurethane. Ask us how we can save you money on new construction projects with our strategic process of painting. Often we can pre-coat trim and other things that save money in the building process.


Exterior Painting

Exterior painting in Vermont requires good preparation. Old houses need to be scraped, sanded, caulked, and primed with a high quality primer. We prefer to use an oil primer and two coats of latex finish paint. New construction requires lots of caulking and you should consider pre-coating all sides of your trim before installation.


Drywall Installation & Repair

We do drywall installation, hanging, taping, finish sand, and priming. We can drywall an entire house or one wall. Get your job done quicker by hiring us to do your drywall and painting. Often times it can be quicker and less expensive to hire the same business to do both the drywall installation and painting.


Experienced Painters & Quality Paint Products

There is a saying in the painting industry, "A good painter is hard to find." I have over twenty years experience in ALL aspects of residential painting and I always use the best paint products. We paint every house as if it was our own and have great pride in our work.

Exterior painting is done using the best tools available. Carbon Scrapers are used to remove ALL loose paint. We apply products using the best Purdee paint brushes and quality Benjamin Moore paint products. We do not spray paint houses. We hand paint all that we can. This gives our customers the thickest coat of paint possible. Spraying paint is sloppy, the coating is thinner, and the finish product is inferior.


Painting New Construction Projects

Our years of painting experience will save you money on new construction projects. Painting ahead of the carpenters and in the proper order will save money. We can pre-coat trim on location and work with all the other contractors to save time.

It is always best to contact the painter early in the building process. Working with your builder will assure the least expensive and quickest way to paint your house. Our painters are OSHA 10 certified and have the proper safety equipment to work on all construction sites.

"High Quality Painting That Will Stand The Test Of Time."


Deck Preservation

Pressure washing and preservation with stains or clear finish will extend the life of your deck.


Wallpaper Removal

Professionally remove that old wallpaper and change it over to a painted wall.


Metal Roof Painting

We will paint your rusty metal roof and make it look like new. Why waste money on a new roof when we can paint it?


Staining & Polyurethane

Our system for finishing woodwork is second to none. We will make your woodwork beautiful!


Painting Contractors Or Owner Operators

We are owner-operated with over twenty years of painting experience. Most painting Contractors have crews of inexperienced and poorly compensated painters. Painting Contractors might show up to bid the job and then do not show up on-site to do the painting. Sometimes painting contractors will sub-contract the work to other painters. Painting contractors often use cheap painting products just to get more jobs. Painting contractors often hire cheap seasonal labor that is very inexperienced. This cheap labor can provide low bids and the owner makes more money.

Our painters include the owner-operator who works on all jobs. All of our painters have a minimum of 10 years experience and usually much more. We use the best quality paint products like Benjamin Moore. Your job will be completed ON TIME. We will show up on the day we are supposed to start and we will be finished on schedule. We provide our customers with an honest day's work for an honest day's pay. We do not sub-contract paint jobs or hire inexperienced painters.

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